Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 12 E books

The semester is fast coming to a close. There are many many assignments all coming due within the next few weeks. It can be easy to lose focus on the goal of my education in favor of simply "getting the assignment" done and over with. Everything we are doing will probably serve me in the future. If I learn it to a high level right now, it will be much easier to implement it into my school library.
This week we learned about ebooks and their place in school libraries, especially in the nonfiction and reference sections. This is a truly interesting topic as some people believe that ebooks have the potential to motivate students to increase their reading and research with print sources (that are no longer "print" anymore as they are in a digital format).
In research and reference especially, ebooks might be a revolution and a great tool to fight against the "Google it" generation. To have another digital resource to consult other than the Internet (this being more reliable), some believe would greatly serve to increase information literacy practices amongst students today. My questions come in regarding cost vs. benefit. The ebooks and their readers continue to be very expensive. Is this expense worth the possible benefits? This is something that I have not really worked out yet in my own vision of a school library...

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